What do long distance walkers do on their day off?


Thank you so much for sticking with the blog this week – I hope you have enjoyed reading about our journey and that you liked the images of the places we have seen along the way. We finished the walk on Friday evening and had decided to stay in Clifden for a couple of days to get over the walk and to spend a little time exploring the area where Rosie’s dad had spent much of his childhood. In effect we became tourists and one thing that tourists do when they are in Clifden is visit the site of the Marconi Telegraph Station that transmitted the first transAtlantic wireless messages a hundred years ago. The site is in a truly isolated part of the Connemara bogland and  at one time was home to hundreds of  people. And what do you think we found there when we explored the site in detail – a railway track!


It was only a short section that connected the old buildings to a harbour used to bring in the construction materials for the site. These images show how desolate the land was around the Telegraph Station but what a rare beauty of a situation!



We passed some pretty desolate bog roads on our way to the site and you just knew that one false step along them and your chances of survival would have been pretty slim.





A man can get pretty lonely up here and it was good to see that there were plenty of sheep to talk to.



And after leaving this quite remarkable site all that remained was to go and dip our toes in the Atlantic Ocean (figuratively speaking) on one of the fabulous deserted beaches found on this part of the coast. So the journey ended in sunshine at a really memorable spot.




I don’t know where we’re going next – it’ll have to be pretty good to beat this trip and I hope you will come with us on that journey wherever it might take us. So from Rosie and Rebecca thank you and goodbye. This is David McNamara, News at Ten, standing on a beach on the edge of the world, sore feet, feeling his age, wishing he was back in the pub, signing off for a little while. Good bye and thank you.




Rosie and Dave

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One Response to What do long distance walkers do on their day off?

  1. Gordon Sage says:

    Enjoyed it all, Dave. Even better than Julia Bradbury’s railway walks! What next? How about a coast to coast abandoned railway? There’s the Campbeltown & Machrihanish – it would take you longer to drive there than to walk it!

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