Day Two : The rust is beginning to show


Today was the day that promised to be the most difficult of the trip. We had taken advice from local walking clubs before setting off and the general opinion was that any attempt to follow the old railway track was doomed to failure. Do you think that would stop Rosie? The day actually started off well. The sun was shining and a stiff breeze was pushing the clouds along.


The image above was taken just before eight o’clock on Tuesday morning and the good weather continued until mid morning. And then it began to rain in Biblical style! Before the rain there had been encouraging signs that the doom-merchants might have been wrong. It had been easy to locate the old track and the walking was fairly easy. But then things began to go a little pear-shaped. It wasn’t the obstacles placed along the track to stop people driving 4 x 4s …


… or the muddy nature of the path


It wasn’t the fact that the railway track actually disappeared under the waters of Ross lake. What really clinched it and persuaded the pioneers to retreat and find a better path was the fact that the track became overgrown by gorse and brambles at least six feet high – and Rosie is only five feet high.

An alternative route was selected that followed some fabulous back roads that took us through some tiny hamlets and had the advantage of being raised up from the surrounding countryside so that we had good views even though the mist and rain were pretty relentless by now.


One advantage of all the rain is that the rivers are full of water and the cataracts and waterfalls are impressive.


This one is near Oughterard and is known locally as Salmon Leap. You will notice that there are no salmon actually leaping and this is because salmon do not leap on rainy days because thet don’t like getting wet,

The day ending back in Galway in front of a turf fire where we sampled the local brew. It could have caused a slight problem asking for this beer, but I got away withIMG_1673


And finally one for the family album to prove to my children that we are still alive.


The ladies at Genesis are still eagerly awaiting your visits to their fundraising site incidentally – it will only take a few seconds of your time and it may well save your life one day.

Today (Wednesday) is a bit challenging. The rain is coming at you horizontally and the wind is reaching Gale Force 8. Don’t expect miracles this evening. The images may be a bit poor (unless you’re an artist in which case they will be atmospheric) because our route takes us in to the bog – let’s hope it also takes us out of the bog.

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