Back into the West!


Do you remember this image that was taken in Dublin on St Patrick’s Day 2011? We were just about to start a long-distance walk from Dublin Bay to Galway Bay hoping to raise money for a charity very close to my heart (well close to my chest actually) known as the Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Appeal. Thanks to your kindness we were able to raise almost £7000 and, perhaps of equal importance, we were able to raise awareness that breast cancer can be prevented. Now, don’t stop reading! This is not a request for you to provide more money but simply a request for you to remind yourselves that breast cancer can be prevented if you follow the guidelines that the lovely people of Genesis have spent a great deal of time researching. And especially don’t stop reading if you are a man. If you think it can’t happen to you because men don’t have breasts, they have chests, you are so wrong.


So Rosie and I and Rebecca Wilkin (an exceedingly expert photographer and thoroughly good egg) are off on another walk. We are going to start walking on Monday February 20th in Galway and are going to stop walking when we reach the Atlantic Ocean at the town of Clifden. I’ll tell you why I’m doing it – I’m doing it because I can. In the last few years I have had two doses of cancer and it would have been very easy to give up and sit waiting for death. Those of you who have followed my blogs will know that in that time I have visited a dozen countries, I have been into the Sahara Desert and have walked in the Atlas Mountains. I have also crossed the Tibetan Plateau and reached Everest Base Camp and walked in the Annapurna Sanctuary. If a shrimp like me can do these things, so can you. God forbid that any of you ever get a dose of cancer, but if you do, keep strong and you will beat it.

Here are are three images to keep you going until we start the walk on Monday.




We will be passing through the region known as Connemara and I have to say it is probably the best place I have ever been. By the time we reach the beach in the bottom image we will have walked over 50 miles and our complete walk (from Dublin Bay to the Atlantic Ocean) will have approached almost 200 miles. Looking at the weather forecast for next week, we will probably get soaked on most days but hey ho!

Two things for you to do in the next few days. Firstly please go and visit the Genesis web-site. They have absolutely dozens of fund raising activities that you can get involved in and each one is guaranteed to make you laugh. They provide opportunities to do all the usual things such as sponsored runs but you can get involved in parachute jumping, crossing rivers on zip wires and all sorts of things that you haven’t even thought of yet! So please go and visit their website. It costs nothing to visit and look at ways you might help them. At the very least you could buy a raffle ticket for their Easter raffle and look forward to eating the largest Easter egg I’ve ever seen.

Maybe you could also share this blog with you Facebook friends and re-tweet it if you have a twitter account. It’ll take you a few seconds, but you will be helping to publicise the work of a charity whose sole aim is to make “… one in ten, none in ten …”. Not a lot to ask is it?

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