We’re on the road again

I hope you remember the cross-Ireland walk that we did for the Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Appeal last year. Through your kindness, we raised a total of almost £7000. The walk was from Dublin Bay to Galway Bay and Rosie has suggested that we add an extra fifty miles to our journey and connect Galway and Clifden, thus making the walk Irish Sea to Atlantic Ocean (nearly!). So we are on the road again!

We set off on February 20th and will take about a week to complete the walk. Don’t worry – this is not a request for more of your money! All I’m asking of you is that you remember that our previous walk had two aims. One was to raise money and the other was to raise awareness. Breast Cancer can be prevented and the Genesis Appeal aims to make breast cancer a thing of the past. So go and visit their website and see what they have been up to.

I hope you can find time to follow our progress again as we walk across some of the most desolate countryside in Europe. During our cross Ireland walk  almost 2000 visits were made to the blog site.

Our training is under way and in the next few days I’ll post some information about what we’ve been up to so far and I hope you can find time to follow our journey and maybe share it with your Facebook friends and, if appropriate, retweet it.

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