Stone Walls and the grass is greener

I hope you got the Saw Doctors reference – if not go to YouTube and search for saw doctors N17. You won’t have a clue what it’s all about but try your best to let the music take over!
A brilliant day today. We walked about 15 miles and there were about four distinct sections that we walked
through giving us a really varied day.
It is going to be quite hard to cope with tomorrow, our last day. This walk has been with us for many months – in Rosie’s case it must have been there for years, and tomorrow it will end. It is so sad that you cannot be with us at the end. I’ve told you before how our road will become a Boreen, then it will become a path and then it will end and we will be on the shore of Galway Bay. I’ll take lots of photos and you will look at them but you won’t be able to feel the deep emotion that that moment will bring.
Let me tell you this and then think about it. I have had two cancers and it would have been so easy to give up. Thanks to all the people that I consider as good friends my attitude has been positive and I have been able to do things that some people might not have coped with. So let me tell you this. If you turn your mind to anything and commit yourself fully you will be able to do anything. Rosie and I have walked over 130 miles and tomorrow we will achieve one of Rosie’s dreams. If I can do it ask yourself is there anything you can’t achieve if you really try.
Thanks for all your support. Those of you who have made donations to our charity, thank you. Those of you who haven’t, please think about doing so. Tomorrow should be fun, I hope there are lots of people to join us as we end and that we are able to end in good style. I’ll try and let you know what the ending is like tomorrow but until then live your dreams to the full and drink from the springs of adventure.

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2 Responses to Stone Walls and the grass is greener

  1. Joan Abbott says:

    Hi Dave and Rosie, I think what you have done is amazing.
    I had cervical cancer 35 years ago but was lucky enough to have a surgeon who got it away complete and I then went on to have another baby. He is 34 now (Lee who came to Baliol to do the Breakdancing with the boys.) and he is awaiting his own son in May.
    As you say you can do whatever you want if you just set your mind to it.
    I’m sure you feel like me, very lucky to be here. This is a wonderful world we live in. Enjoy your last day of the walk and savor that special moment.

  2. ShirleyIreton says:

    I wish you all the best on your last day.
    You’re so right, you can achieve anything if you try. Can’t wait to see your photo’s.

    Love to you both.
    May the sun shine on you all day……..but not too hot !!!!!!!!

    Shirley and family

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