Sunshine all the way

This has got to be the best day yet! The sun didn’t stop shining all day and there was a great deal of activity along the canal. No stray dogs to accompany us today but we had a close encounter with a daft cow who couldn’t make her mind up whether to follow us or stick with the herd. When we finished walking today we had completed Phase One of the trip in that we have finally run out of canal to follow. We have walked almost 90 miles since arriving in Ireland and we have about 40 more to journey’s end.
The walking is beginning to take its toll on the old man, who is suffering from bruised heels. The old woman, on the other hand, is going from strength to strength. She has also moved on to ints of Guinness instead of halves. When we reached the end of the canal we called in to the most friendly pub in the whole of Ireland. The pub is called McIntyre’s and its on the canal bank in Shannon Harbour and there couldn’t be a better place to celebrate reaching a milestone.
A special hello to the cake makers and cake eaters of Queen Katherine School and the staff and children of Wellesbourne school. We are thinking of you all and are very grateful for your support. Will try to blog later today but there is no wi-fi to be had in this town so we have to seek out broadband. Heigh ho!

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2 Responses to Sunshine all the way

  1. ShirleyIreton says:

    The cake makers of Queen Katherine are very proud of “The Old Lady” and “The Old Man”. Keep drinking the pints Rosie.

  2. Suw says:

    I’m glad that the sun is shining on you. We have sun in Manchester too. Good luck with the rest of the trip

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