Blog from the Bog

Today was like a scene from Groundhog Day – bog and bulrushes followed by bulrushes and bog. We have over fifty miles done now and just for a minute or two today we got a glimpse of distant mountains so Galway cannot be too far away.
Saw lots of fishermen today who seem to throw a worm or two into the canal then listen to the football on the radio. Good game!
Another long day tomorrow, about sixteen miles but at least Irish canals are flat. In fact we have only a couple of canal days left then we’ll have to start mapreading. I’ll let Rosie do that then I can’t get blamed if we get lost. Will let you know how we get on tomorrow evening so watch this space. Thanks for all the kind comments, good wishes and donations.

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One Response to Blog from the Bog

  1. Good man Dave – I’ll keep one eye on you from Cyprus and when you’ve done perhaps we can arrange to meet up again for that long promised beer or two. I’m sure Rosie keeps your spirits up and fair play to you both.

    See you soon


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