The Rocky Road From Dublin

A shorter day than yesterday – just, and the weather held again. I’ll be coming back with a sun tan if this keeps up. Talking of keeping up we were escorted by a puppy for a large part of the day! It only turned round to go home when a friendly Pit-bull terrier adopted it. the journey today was through the Bog of Allen – a massive area of peat bogland. It must have been a challenge building the canal here in the eighteenth century. Apparently every time they lined this section the limestone rock liner disappeared into the bog. Tough job!
It was difficult watching the rugby today, but then it must have been difficult anywhere.
Very long day tomorrow and I’ve just been gleefully informed that it might rain – watch this space!

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One Response to The Rocky Road From Dublin

  1. John Nicholls says:

    It certainly was hard work watching the rugby if you were English…! Glad it all seems to be going well; wish we were with you.

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