In Dublin’s Fair City

Firstly, thanks for your messages of support and encouragement – they are much appreciated. We are staying in Ariel House Hotel in Dublin and we have been made very welcome. This is truly the land of the hundred thousand welcomes.
We have started our walk by going down the beach at Sandymount and walking back to where the Grand Canal starts. The weather is very sunny – I’ll repeat that -the weather is very sunny, unbelievable eh?
The city is already buzzing with excitement for St Patrick’s Day and I hope it is still buzzing tomorrow evening when we return from our first full day’s walking.
Will try and report tomorrow but be warned – Guinness may have been taken.

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One Response to In Dublin’s Fair City

  1. Tim and Janet says:

    Leave the Guinness alone. It is not good for you.
    Good luck. Remember – keep the sun behind as a general rule and you will be going west, Guinness or no Guinness. J&T

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