Countdown has commenced

I’m writing this just as we are waiting for the taxi that will take us on the first part of our journey to Galway Bay. We are staying overnight in Manchester tonight and catching an early morning plane to Dublin where, I am reliably informed, the weather is good and may even be sunny. Of course there has to be a down side and we were gleefully informed by relatives in County Galway that it snowed yesterday!

The plan is still to walk the first couple of miles of our journey tomorrow afternoon to fill in the link between the sea and the point where the Grand Canal begins. Then its down to the real business on Thursday morning with a fourteen mile stage to be completed before mid afternoon.

Two bits of interest in our day today. The Westmorland Gazette photographer called in to embarrass us with some “candid” snaps! Look out for tomorrow’s free paper where we are promised front page treatment – yeah, that’s right, the free paper; we don’t even warrant the Gazette itself. I know its a bit early for some of you but we will be interviewed on Radio Cumbria at 7.15 on Thursday morning – live from Dublin… exotic is that?

Here’s today’s puzzle for you. Why does my back pack weigh 15 kilos and Rosie’s weighs 5?

Will speak to you all again soon.

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One Response to Countdown has commenced

  1. ShirleyIreton says:

    Your photo in the free paper looks great 🙂

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