Photo test

I think I owe you an explanation of sorts. A few days ago I explained that the only way I could keep this blog going whilst we were in Ireland was to use an ipod touch and rely on wi-fi. I posted some comments the other day using the iPod as an experiment to see if it would work. It took me about an hour to write three sentences and I duly posted it.

Nothing! I spent ages trying to work out where the post had gone and finally gave up. This meant my plan to keep you up to date was out of the window. It seems though that the fault was not with me but the blog provider had had problems just as I tried my experiment.

So, this is a second go at posting through an iPod.

We leave England on Wednesday and on Wednesday afternoon we will actually do the first couple of miles of our route. We will do a walk that will link the Irish Sea at Ringsend, through the Grand Canal Basin, to the point where the Grand Canal proper starts. We will then have a couple of pints of Guinness and get ready for the start proper on St Patrick’s Day.

First day is about 14 miles and the weather forecast is good.

Now to see if this works. If it does I might try posting a photograph later on tonight. Exciting isn’t it.

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