Two weeks today!

I’m sorry that I’ve not been able to report on our walk preparations for the past few days, but don’t worry – you haven’t missed anything because we have not actually done any preparation! The whole of last week was taken up with trying to make sure that when we leave England on March 16th, all the jobs to do with fundraising will have been covered.

You may have read on Facebook that we had a very successful Pub Quiz in Hull last Wednesday and that event, and some very welcome donations, has pushed us over the £2000 mark. Another successful fundraiser has been the paper quizzes that have been sold. The February quiz finished today and we had entries from all over the north of England. They are mainly on sale in Kendal, so look out for them in cafes and shops.

We did manage to get a short walk in this afternoon – about three and a half miles and tomorrow we will try to get into the Lakes for something a bit longer. I did take some pictures this afternoon but they weren’t all that inspiring except this one of the sunset over Scout Scar – I’ll try harder tomorrow!


I’ll also have to practise writing this blog on an ipod because I intend to send back updates as we walk across Ireland. Bear with me, I’m not too good with technology!

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