Sunshine all the way

Now, I know I promised you that we would be reporting on a trip into the Lakes yesterday, but something rather special happened that meant we stayed at home for the day. You might think that walking 130 miles across Ireland is a bit of an adventure but, yesterday we were visited by an old friend who has just embarked upon a round the world cycle ride. Robbie Sage expects to be away for between three and four years and I can’t wait to meet him again to hear all about his adventures. Robbie is not only cycling around the world but he is on a musical odyssey as well, writing and recording music as he goes. His web-site is already full of interest – you have to go and visit and I’ll guarantee you will go back again and again.

Right; be honest, wouldn’t you have stopped in to meet such an adventurer? It meant we really had to get in a walk today, so we were off fairly early for a quick six-miler. I have to say two things. Firstly, the sunshine was actually really warm, and secondly, after six miles I think I could have done it all again – good news eh?

During the afternoon we did actually get into the Lakes but it was to visit equipment shops (again!). I managed a couple of pictures to brighten this narrative – hope you like them.


 DSC_0015                 DSC_0010

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