It seemed like such a good idea!

The first sunny day for a week prompted us into action and we decided to do our standard 15 mile walk along the Lancaster Canal to Glasson Dock, returning to Lancaster along the River Lune. It didn’t take long for the towpath to become muddy and even less time for it to become very muddy!  You know the sort of mud I mean. Sticky and slippy. You soon find yourself carrying the extra weight of mud stuck to your boots and every step becomes a strain as you slither out of balance. Its quite possible that this type of surface will be common on our walk which, incidentally, starts four weeks today.

DSC_0113             DSC_0117       IMG_1534

Lots of activity amongst the bird life on the canal

We saw something that you don’t come across every day as we left the main canal behind and walked along the Glasson Spur. The canal was being repaired and had been drained.


It wasn’t a shortage of water though that gave us our biggest problem today. It has rained very heavily in the north-west of England for quite some time and, where our path approached the River Lune at the end of the day, the fields on either side of the path had been flooded. The result was one that both of us could have done without after plodging through  mud for a large part of the fifteen miles. I suppose the good side was that we didn’t have to clean our boots.

IMG_0492     IMG_0494

Right, four weeks to go and we are over half way towards our target. If you feel able to make a donation to our undertaking, please do so – we would both be very grateful.


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