A breath of French air

Well, last weekend was certainly one to remember! We had a bit of an adventure which cropped up at short notice. Middle daughter, who is a teacher in Warwickshire (and who makes the most fantastic cakes incidentally) had to go to look at two venues in France to check their suitability for a school trip she runs each year. For a whole variety of reasons it was decided that we would pick her up on Friday afternoon and drive her to Normandy, stay overnight and bring her back on Saturday afternoon! There were some compensations to be had for this rather odd use of a weekend.

Lots of tempting cakeshops being one of the main ones

We spent a few hours in the lovely French town of Le Touquet which is on the Opal Coast

IMG_0461 IMG_0462

There are lots of nice buildings and cafes……

IMG_0479 IMG_0477

… and a fabulous beach that goes on for miles


Why the rush to get back? Well on Sunday evening we were hosting a pub-quiz at our local pub, The Rifleman’s Arms. It should have been really straightforward but at short notice the resident quiz master told us that he couldn’t do the quiz this week because he was going to Manchester. Fortunately we were able to get a quiz and an auction and a raffle together and the outcome was a further £284 to be added to our total – which, incidentally is now about 50% of the way to our target. Remember that if you want to see the total move up , you can add your donation to the total at www.justgiving.com/rosiemcnamara it really is that easy!

This week we hope to get another long walk in as part of the training programme and I’ll let you know how we get on. The next fund-raising venture is in Hull on February 23rd so we can relax for a day or two. After that there is the 130 mile long walk through the rain across Ireland to look forward to! Thank you for all your support so far. Will talk again soon.

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