You could almost believe that spring had arrived in the Lake District! Masses of snowdrops in every bit of woodland and even the daffodils  are six inches tall and beginning to form buds. The walk we had today started in quite thick mist, but as we walked above the Kendal Valley we climbed above the cloud and were in warm sunshine for most of the day.


A misty start about a mile from home

   IMG_0444                             IMG_0445                                            The Howgill Fells from Brigsteer Road

Today’s Indiana Jones moment came when I was forced to protect Rosie from a very large and dangerous adder which was preparing to attack us. Actually, the poor snake looked as though it had just woken up and was so lethargic that even if I’d poked it with a stick it probably wouldn’t have noticed. For those of you with a nervous disposition, look away now if you have a thing about half dead snakes!


The middle part of the day was spent walking through quite dense woodland and it was here that we came across carpets of snowdrops. There was still a lot of water in the streams and there were plenty of waterfalls to ooh and aah about!


IMG_0447     IMG_0448  



The final bit of the day was spent walking along the River Kent back to Kendal. Our path took us through the narrow gorge near Sedgwick and the river was still swollen by all the rain of the last few days.


The River Kent near Sedgwick

We reckoned that the whole round trip was eleven miles and as I’m writing this there are no aches and pains to report. We’ve a busy weekend coming up and we are running a pub quiz on Sunday night to raise funds. If you are in or near Kendal the quiz is to be held at the Rifleman’s on Greenside and there will be a raffle and an auction and we have the promise of sandwiches. What more could you want, so please come and join in if you can. Any time after eight o’clock should be OK.

Remember that you can see bigger images if you click on the pictures and you can see bigger figures on the page if you add a donation!

Will let you know how we got on early next week. Until then, have a good weekend.

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