That was a week, that was!

Last week was very, very busy and I really had little time to tell you of any developments. The weather, as we all know was awful, especially towards the end of the week and we were a bit worried that the rain and high winds would put people off coming to our first big fund-raiser on Saturday. We need not have worried. The effort that was put in earlier in the week paid off and the Coffee Morning was a great success. We made almost £500 and managed to get rid of a load of junk (sorry, bric a brac) that was clogging up the attic! I have to say that the cake stall was as good as any cake shop.

Our next fund raiser is next Sunday at the Rifleman’s pub on Greenside. Its a pub quiz with a pretty good raffle and a mini-auction. If you have nothing to do and you fancy a fun evening come and join us.

Those of you who are interested in the overall scheme of things will see a big change if you go to and whilst you’re there you might be tempted to add a donation of your own!

Looking forward to a break in the weather soon and we will will probably do a walk in the Yorkshire Dales so I’ll post some pictures after that. In the meantime, here are five tips for fundraisers.


1. Get the experts involved


2. Remember that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure


3. Get lots of cakes – preferably chocolate!


4. Make sure the “expert” is kept away from anything important


5. Make sure you invite loads of children – they’ll eat anything!

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One Response to That was a week, that was!

  1. Andy Brown says:

    Well impressed with your fund raising. We are a bit too far away to pop up for cake, but have subscribed by e mail to this Blog. Just as long as this isn’t a secret plan to become part of The Big Society I’m all in favour!


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