Six weeks to go!

It has been a really grey day here in Kendal – one of those days when it never really seems to get light. We managed to get out for a walk on Saturday and the day was sunny despite the temperature never really rising above freezing all day long. We managed  about ten miles to the north of Kendal and experienced some quite steep long hills – good training but hard work. We had planned to go into the Lakes but we spent so long getting ready that it was almost lunch time before we were ready for the off. Despite the cold air the views over the Lakeland hills were quite hazy so the pictures I promised to one or two of you were not much good. The best I can do is one taken as the sun was setting after we had finished our walk.


There is an Irish legend that a loved relative will often return to see how you are getting on in the guise of a robin. Whatever you think of that, it often happens that a robin is never far away and this one escorted us on part of our walk.


On Sunday we went to Sedbergh and although we didn’t get to do a walk it was good to be back in the Howgill Fells. I know its cheating but these pictures were taken close to Sedbergh a short time ago and I like them enough to post them here.

                    IMG_2568                                         IMG_2569

                                   Morning girls!                                                           Cautley Spout


                The view from the top of Cautley Spout

This week is going to be taken up with preparations for our Coffee morning next Saturday so the best I could manage today was a good hour walking along the river in Kendal. I’m pleased to report that I am finding it easier to get up the hill from town to our house, so I must be doing something right!

Talk to you again soon.

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