Just to keep you up to date

Well! What an exciting day! We got a phone call from Genesis H.Q. to discuss a Press Release. I’ve never had a Press Release before and can’t wait to see what what one looks like. I suppose the fact that Genesis now want to publicise our walk more widely means that we are getting nearer and nearer to our departure date. In fact it will be seven weeks today that we arrive in Dublin.

There’s a lot happening on the fund-raising side of things before we set off. We have a Coffee Morning coming up in a couple of weeks and two pub quizzes to look forward to. One is in our local pub and the other is in Hull. Don’t let these activities stop you from making a donation if you feel so inclined. Remember www.justgiving.com/rosiemcnamara is the site we have set up and we had a couple of donations today to push the total over £665

Not much going on in terms of training because we spent the beginning of the week in Leeds and the last few days have been spent on letter writing to potential donors. I think the weather is quite promising for the next couple of days so perhaps I’ll be able to report on a long walk before the weekend. Or there again, perhaps not!

Thanks for calling in. Incidentally, we have snowdrops in the garden at last so spring is on the way.

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One Response to Just to keep you up to date

  1. Kate Mc says:

    Nice work! Hope the coffee morning goes well I promise to buy lots of cakes!!!

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