I really love this global warming lark!

I find it hard to believe what I’m looking at from my window but it is snowing again here in Kendal! As if it is not cold enough, I’ve just had my hair cut and my ears are suffering from hypothermic exposure. As it happens there was no way we were going to get a walk in today. We have friends coming round for a meal this evening and there were potatoes to peel and other technical stuff I will not burden you with.

One of our guests has walked the length of Ireland from north to south and has recently completed all of the Monros. We should get some good advice there, don’t you think. I have had some advice already this week about how I can lose about half a stone in weight before March. The advice was to stop eating. I think this type of diet has some merit so I’m giving it a go for the next three or four hours to see if it has any effect. The menu tonight? I think it is a stew, but my wife – who is posher than me – calls it a casserole. Because we are having visitors, it has become a ragout! I’m glad it is a ragout, because I don’t like casseroles or any of that fancy French stuff.

I am aware that there is not a lot of explanation in this blog about our cross-Ireland walk or about our training schedules so next time I talk to you I will try and explain the motives behind the endeavour. In the meantime keep checking our justgiving page and if you get bored with the total that it shows, you can always change it by making a donation. Good game! Bye for now

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